How To Get A WordPress Blog After You Have Already Chose Screen Name Only For Your Account

My first post on this blog is going to be about how to get a blog for yourself when you already have a WordPress account but you had previously chosen that you only wanted a screen name.  You would think that this process would be ultra simple.  It is ultra-simple, but only if you know where to look.  Just like everything with a computer, once you know how to do it, then you realize it is super simple.  Figuring out how to do it is the hard part.

My main reason for creating this blog here at WordPress at all is because I have come across a lot of sites that use the WordPress login in order for you to leave a comment.  I hate when I go through the process of typing out a well thought out comment on a blog only to realize that the stupid blog owner has made it difficult for me to post that comment.  Well, they make it easy to post the comment.  They just make it hard for you to take credit for the comment.  I say they make it hard because you have to have an account at one of like 5 different websites in order for you to have a link back with your name.  That really sucks in my opinion.  If I realized this about the blog in the first place, then I would not have even bother commenting.  But, once I have already typed out a great comment, I absolutely hate the thought of not getting credit for it.

That is what inspired me to create an actual blog for myself here.  This way, when I come across those situations, I can still get a comment link back to somewhere where the reader can find more of my material.

Modifying the Screen Name only account:

After searching the knowledgebase and searching the whole website to no avail, I managed to actually stumble across the solution accidentally.  Yes, I did look through the normal areas where you would expect to find this information, like in my profile or in the part labeled MY Blog.  But, it wasn’t there.

You actually have to go under your Dashboard.  Then click on the link that says My Blogs under there.  Then a page will come up that tells you that you don’t have your own blog yet.  It gives you a link to create one.  Tada!

Finally I found what I was looking for.  You really would think it would be way more user friendly than that.  Why should someone have to click three layers deep to find something that a beginner would be looking for?  Isn’t this the very thing that Google engineers have preached about?  I remember Matt Cutts saying that the basic structure of a website should allow you to find your most important content with as few of clicks as possible.  Duh!  I guess the people here at WordPress don’t think that being able to create a blog here after you already have a basic account is in much demand.  I beg to differ though.

When I was searching for my solution in their knowledge base, I came across a lot of articles that did not answer this very basic question.  Those articles had far more dislikes than likes.  That tells me that a lot of people were probably looking for the same answer that I was seeking.  They were probably just as frustrated as I was when looking for it.  Hence, they marked the post as being disliked.

Don’t misunderstand me.  I am not ungrateful.  I just think that there should be a number of links all over the place where new people will see how they can setup a blog for themselves.  Those links are obvious for people who do not yet have an account here.  But, for those of use who created an account so that we could use a service like Akismet, we would have a much harder time finding this very basic need.

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